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the ethic of working hard

April 14, 2015

the ethic of working hard to achieve something is a myth, unless you make millions doing it.

workers work 8 hour days or variable according to the employers standards. working more than

what one can do in this time is productive to the outside entity, but not to oneself. it is counterproductive

to a life and ones health.

so saying one can achieve some kind of equity by working more, or achieve more, by working according to

the outside entity boundaries, because they require you to, is false thinking.

one must have boundaries according to their work spheres because the outside entities that determine work

don’t have their employees in mind.  the outside entities only have their workload and their goals.

they can, do and will work people into the ground because they can. if people are willing, they will be worked into the ground.

some people have to and I can say I have broken my boundaries on this at times only willingly.

some people have no boundaries regarding work, and down time.

in my opinion a person can only be productive with downtime.  some people may disagree. grateful I got it down.

unions are good and grateful for mine. nonunion work needs to be union.

and the myth of working as a worker to achieve something more, is a myth, something past that needs to be

let go of for workers. and employers. nonunion is money maker for a  sib . is she heartless?



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