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get over it

April 16, 2015

madmen is created for a certain sexist concept that I have seen, that did exist in the past and that even some women perpetuate as leaders now for so called  womens sexuality as a pretext for what has been .I have heard  women sex positive leaders say, “men cheat, that’s what they do”, like this community is created upon mens sexual needs,,,so sex positive. the community name. said to be equal, but, in fact based upon madmen. I have read your crap and it is, based on mens concepts, you cater to “vanilla” but you cater to much darker,  your glib concepts and dark reality make you like a Halloween costume. not scary and not real. like you get to define anyones reality? and like you get to quantify or qualify anyones experience?  yes you are trying to create one for everyone. get over it. just create one for youself. I don’t need you to create a reality for me.

why women are expected to get kudos from a pat on the back or say so, and mens get to advance on the ladder according to their sexual needs , is beyond me. madmen times is crumbling babies. we are here and not going away or backwards. we are only going forwards. I will make sure of it. for my gal pals and for my future family.


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