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babies and responsibility, reproductive rights

April 19, 2015

a conversation with the gal I trade with to do my hair, whatever.  it is not about my hair, though I like to change it from time to time.  its about our relationship and conversation mostly.

today, as on most days we meet, we talk about ourselves, fam, society and the world.

one thing, among others we have, is our bond about women moving in this world.

today we talked about reproductive rights, not really in terms of this, but more in terms of everyday. like a 16 year old girl gets pregnant by a 17-18 year old.  or a 16 year old gets pregnant by a 25 year old. the family discussions involved and the place of choice. she had a few stories and I listened. I know a bunch, myself.

so, it seems in most cases the burden lies on the woman impregnated.  we decided, we did not know why this is. I mean, I takes 2 to copulate. the stigma is always on the woman because she is the carrier of the pregnancy. men, boys can and do walk away willy nilly. so the girl/woman is left with a choice. if a girls is 16 there are definite implications in her life should she choose too. what about rape? what about rape by a spouse, what about rape of a child?  and so many male babies in congress and govt have no clue. abortion is the scarlet A for some mens, for many mens in government.

choose being the operative word.  babies change ones life and if there is no one to support, no community, no programs,  just people saying you have to, it is bogus. no one says to the impregnator, “you are implicit”, . no one is saying to the impregnator, “you have to support”. no one says to the rapist, you have to take responsibility.

I have chosen the scarlet A. and I made my decision based on my where I was at that time in my life.

it is an unbalanced situation for a girl/woman, most of the time.

we decided that the situation, unless consensual about the pregnancy falls on a girl?woman and there are little supports in the community.

so, if a girl/woman is alone, without supports, who will take care of the baby if she cant? ok adoption. blah blah that is so wrapped up in emotion and red tape. is the baby or the woman important? is it one or the other? cant it be both?

I have a lot of questions regarding this, but I am adamant about girls/womans choice. it is not up to mens, because, unless men get to ante up and support, and care, they don’t get to have a choice. its not your body menbabies.

we can wear the scarlet A as long as mens don’t get it and so for ourselves, because we can. if it changes, well, then it may be a new world.



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