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the heart

April 22, 2015

speaking to a woman today, have known over time. she spoke of a video she got at a dollar store. It was made by the mayo institute on the heart.

I was blown away by what she told me about her viewing of it.

she spoke of the video showing the heart being the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.

I have always thought this and she said she had always thought that too. she spoke of the trilogy of the mental, emotional and spiritual.

it does my heart good to connect with people who see beyond the physical, into all realms in terms of healing. and people in the world who are doing this holistic work.

I am with so many people at times so involved in the physical and don’t see, and I want to scream sometimes. people have heart attacks, palpitations, chest pain, and more and people just see it as this. to me, it is way more than this.

I can only go to my babies mantra. people are babies, clueless and i get to love them regardless of the ignorance. but it is difficult.

I have a heart. some people who have the heart in the physical don’t know what they got.



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