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what has value? what is value?

April 22, 2015

value, on my mind these days. who has value? who deserves value? what is value, really? is money value? is work value?

so many questions. not too many answers.

I can say that for me, I am number one and I have value above all else. some people have known this from the start, but as a woman in this world, learning  this is BIG. and I know I am not alone. society and culture are good at saying what my value as a woman means

I can say that that some people I have valued were just clowns and have not deserved my value, in my estimation at this point. I have always believed that everyone has value, but some people are so off the charts in their estimation of themselves that they don’t deserve value in my realm. they got it on their own. I do value people who are REAL and say what they mean and walk their talk and if they don’t they are humble enough to say as much.

I can say that nature and plants are valued by me as well as babies and animals.

I think I don’t know the definition of value because this world is so messed up in terms of the word and the actions.  people say this and that but don’t do it. and so in models, this has not been helpful for me.

money is not value. money is a terms of exchange someone thought up a long time ago. I live my life in other ways of exchange. I trade, I give away and in give away I also receive for free. people I know now are in the flow of where I am with regards to money, exchange, free stuff, free food. and trades. I do live in between worlds because I still do work for money on a part time basis,  009but I know this is not what makes the world go around.

work has value for me because of the people I serve. yes, I serve people because this is my work here on this earth. I don’t sell stuff or ideas,  thoughts or forms. I do it because at this time I love it despite all of the corporate restrictions, though there may come a time where is say enough.

people have varying ideas and identification with value and what that means to them. I have mine, kind of. it has, and will change as I do and I have and I will.

evolving in value.



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