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false positivism

April 23, 2015

I cant even count on my fingers the number of times I have been told to be positive. its usually by people who are looking for that in their lives and want me to be that.

honey, I can be positive and I can be positively revolting. I am not here to be fancy for you. I am not here to be your positive role model. I am here to be my role model, because of some systems failure in this,  I am creating my own and not yours.

people looking for positive need only look inside their selves for this. the outside cannot  provide or sustain you.

and if people only looking for positive they are ignoring the other side.

life is not always positive and if you cant deal with the dark, real side of life that is your issue.

life is yin and yang. not always one or the other. get over your false sense of being positive all of the time. you are denying a part of yourself that wants to be heard.



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