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standards and accountability

April 25, 2015

lol. this is a loaded topic.

in culture, society, media, workplace and more.

sometimes at work I feel like I am in school. people are telling me rules, I already know, people “telling” to management about poopy, negligible things. and also telling, like “I am telling the teacher”001:. so juvenile. when I have an issue, I usually speak to the person involved. so sad people have not grown into their adult form as beings.  people make me accountable for their money and profits. there are unions and I hope more to make others accountable.

also, in society and culture, people held accountable, for things they are not accountable for: their lifestyle, their income, their mates, their origins, and their way of dealing with health and life. people are not held accountable for greed, rape, inaccuracies in justice, racism, sexism and being creeps in general. women are speaking out and holding others to OUR standard. I have “told the teachers” in writing and because of lack of response to my personal telling to the person involved. lol  they are not in my opinion, anymore because they did not listen. so can speak here again.

media..oh honey, this is full of mixed messages in terms of standard, etiquette, especially for women. no accountability for mens, yet, but some are saying they are trying but not good enough. mens rule the airwaves, social media, news for now. we are getting stronger in this.

switching the balance and not being held accountable. its time for women to not be held accountable and for the dominant society to step up in accountability. I mean really. can we all be held to the same standards and accountability  when we have been less than from the get go?

some of my conservative friends think so. I will never and I am not trying to convince. only to say my view. its on you babies.



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