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April 27, 2015

people talk about this a lot mostly in terms of race and culture, sometimes gender.

what about personal diversity? what about being a persona that is different than who one really is?

I learned about this early. like one has to dress, be dignified, behave according to social and cultural rules.

I used to know a woman who was a personal coach. she told me, when she went to the grocery store being who she really was,  but not in her words, her words were, I had no makeup, my hair was a mess and I did not want to meet anyone I know from my business.

this is persona.

I, in my place now, have given up persona. I want to be who I am in any given moment, regardless of what people think about who I am to them. and so I am stretching my personal rules about what I have to be as a person at any given moment in time. it is liberating to be who I am. I can be silly, my hair in a mess, dressed as I want, say as I want because I CAN.

restrictions be gone.

of course in one world I am, in I have to dress, behave and tow the rules because of the powers that be. beyond this world, I can be me. it is truly sad that people have to perform, like in a circus, because of the circus that is. at least, I realize this and can do what I want accordingly. sad that some become their work personas in real life. like that is who they are.

I can be diverse, because that is who I am. I am not a persona. I am me.



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