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where do you come from, what do you believe and why do you try and say i am the same?

April 29, 2015

in light of the recent incidents in the past year, so LOUD in the media regarding people not in the dominant culture, I ask these questions.

I know my culture, who I am and what my experience is, yet dominant culture people still try and say, oh honey, you got to blah blah. do this and do that and all will be fine. look like this, look like that and all will be fine. say this and say that and all will be fine. so false.

I have learned a great deal about other cultures, trying to learn so I can be a healthy ally.  I have learned that the dominant culture is not helpful, not trusted, not believed  because they don’t. they,I think , well all people like me and in believing and thinking such, these people perpetuate distrust. the people that are the dominant culture, I think, do not even have a clue that they are., so sad. I mean when people don’t want to call 911 because they think they will be arrested, shot, or held in jail without charges. where is the trust in this? I have not been there, but know people who have for eons.

I believe in the human race and learning all the time. not trying to tell you where I came from, not trying to tell you what I believe, just asking questions, so I can get to know better.

and I have more to say, but lets just let this one be here, because you all could care less, I think.

for all the people I know in Ashland , OR, Yacolt, WA and like.



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