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freedom of speech and right to assemble peaceably article 1 of the constitution

April 30, 2015

in light of recent events in the past year, notably Baltimore situation most recent, I got to thinking about this.

like what are my rights, our rights as disenfranchised people?

gotta say the constitution was written by white men and for white men. but now its all about the interpretation. it is interpreted by the people, by the courts and by the supreme court.

as people never included, women, or other gender, people of color, it is an interesting pursuit and interpretation according to us. the other dominant culture appears to tow the party line on this because they have for centuries except for Ruth Bader Ginsburg,  I don’t expect immediate change, in fact I don’t expect change at all because of the eons of dominant culture history.

Baltimore, ferguson, philly, and other cities are places that have been forgotten by industry, the government, and society in general. people used to be able to make a living but cant due to outside circumstances, controlled by the banksters. redlining in real estate and insurance has not helped. so people turn to other industries where they can make a living. they way they do may not be so dignified, but when you got children and family without supports, what will one do?  just think about it for a minute. what would you do if the carpet was pulled out from under you? what would you do if your schools turned to shit and there was nothing for your children or you to sustain?

aside people, angry only had their neighborhoods to destroy because police contained them. like  ferguson et al. they don’t want anyone to destroy a big business district or downtown .

I can hope. I can walk my talk and speak my mind, though I am told not to according to so many social rules. I try and be like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, even if I am the lone voice. or be like Elizabeth Warren, or be like Loretta Lynch.

I am not a head honcho or a woman in the spotlight, so I am told to watch my talk on social media and publicly. so why would I want to live like this? why can they, but I cant?

people who have not had a voice don’t want to be silenced by rules, religion, dominant culture or employers, social media, or publicly. like we have been in the silence for soo long we are not going to anymore.

sometimes, like in Baltimore, it is whatever it takes. solidarity. not a big fan of some series. but if you get to see “the wire” you may get what I am saying..




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