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first responders

May 2, 2015

talking about people who respond to life and death situations as first responders. leaving out police though, they can be, but not the subject of this and I have issues with intent on some peoples part.

talking about people who respond without an agenda, to help and respect as well as mitigate.

it is difficult work. one never knows what it is they are going into, but going into it with the intent to help, problem solve and be a guide for people in their trauma. there is not much support for people who do this in their daily. I have been told it is my work to mitigate my secondary trauma. it may be true. but I have worked in other places where the organization took responsibility, on their own,  to help mitigate the trauma of my work. they did hold retreats for employees to heal, to cry, to say what they needed to hold ceremony. the healing climate in organsiations has changed to put the sole effort on the individual. whatever. I know how to, but it is sad.

first responders can be in the regular community too.  it can be a daily in some communities, like Baltimore, or in Georgia or wherever where people in community die and there is no healing response and if there is no justice, well this just compounds the trauma, over and over again. so that the community itself is held responsible for the trauma it experiences over and over again.

I have no answers only questions. be happy, smile and forget are not among the answers. for trauma to heal there needs to be more than there is. when people begin to value emotional and mental healing vs physical, there may be some change in this world. then maybe people wont throw rocks or light police vehicles on fire, or people won’t have mental breakdowns or emotional issues that lead to physical issues among a few things I can think of.



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