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May 2, 2015

sometimes, people live a lifetime of just being who they are and what they do.

I get it. I did this for awhile. but it was not working for me. at some point I felt uncomfortable and decided to change.

if one always does what one does, then one will always get what they get. I heard this reported from a man who was in prison and it has stuck with me. always wisdom from the prison piplelines indeed. at least for me.

who knows why I did or why other people decide to change or why others don’t?

but i did decide to change and in this my life has changed significantly. I have let go of a lot of people who were not really caring about me, some users/needy and Hollywood types. when one is a giving person users/needy and Hollywood types are likely to gravitate in ones field.  I guess I have changed into a receiver and some people, pastly just naturally drop away in this.  i have changed my values in terms of living, lifestyle, and the value of work. like my work is part of my life, but not all. wow, I can have a life! I have changed my daily regime, but it still needs some adjustments and I am making them now.

i am grateful i know how to change, how to be flexible, how to stand for myself, how to let things and people go and how to create new. to me, this is the name of my game.

sometimes i think of my past and people who still live there. but that is not who i am or where i want to be.

yay me!



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