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May 4, 2015

my new fave amy schumer. she is brave and out there. she speaks to subjects with a genius yet, her shows are on at 2am, 4am on comedy central. wtf is that?  uh, cause women don’t deserve prime time air space, especially when provocative? yes. comedy central is a mans game. just look at the line up,  jon stewart is the main game, the man thing since sliced bread.  they rather show south park reruns, than amy schumer.  well, I can say she is going to rock the comedy world even more than she is doing. comedy is a mans game, and at most times, at  the expense of women. think bill cosby, and the asshole club owner with the 2 way mirrors. oh honey, you have no idea what is coming at you. I do and I think it is magnificent and I support. joy in my heart because of her and other women like tina fey, wanda sykes (the shit) and more. we got it.

the wrecking ball is coming to a place near you. lol has a 30 day free trial so I can see it all for free and you too!



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