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healing with aromatherapy

May 5, 2015


in addition to what I create with words and paint,  I also create with aromatherapy.  this is my main focus in terms of my wellness, and healing, in addition to other self care modalities.

I recently read an article about the intelligence of plants, and I have believed this to be true.  they are adaptable according to many outside forces as well has having other intelligence, but I digress.

it is a lot of trial and error with making salves and cream blends. I am my own guinea pig most of the time.  other times I just give people something to try, if they are wanting this.

I have had successes with myself.  with others, it is not really always clear what is needed, due to our individuality. so it can be a trial, but not exactly what is needed.

one thing I have had success with is blends for women to aid in relief of symptoms of hormonal changes and symptoms of endometriosis, in addition to their own self healing practices. I don’t think of creating, in terms of symptom management though. what I think of when I make blends, is creating a sense of balance in a wholistic manner, for the whole person.

I started with 3 essential oils-vitex, sandlewood and cedar atlas and people reported relief from night sweats and hot flashes.

I made what I call a blue blend for a friend. that is what I call it because one of the essential oils is blue. it has helped her to find balance in cycles of discomfort and emotion.

it consists of essential oils of yarrow- the blue one, vitex, sandlewood and cedar atlas.

I like to do this. I feel like it is an honor to work with essential oils, made from nature and so I do it from my heart and mostly for free for my friends.

caveat-essential oils and plant medicine, is not without risks and so I do research according to my data sheets, which include toxicities and pregnancy precautions as well as calculating blending ratios and more.  I do an intake with each person and consider this in making my blends.

I am in the never ending quest for what heals. I don’t ask why though.



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