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sea of change

May 6, 2015

oh honey!  there is a lot going on in the collective in terms of change. it might not seem that way, but change does not happen overnight.

never in recent times, I think, due to social media, have diverse groups, lets say other than white men, expressed their voices and in that, creating movements that are never ending. I think that many of the voices, get more powerful over time in collective. there may not be leaders in this sea of change as before. there are leaders but it is in the many and not the few.

it does my heart good, to hear voices like mine and I think for others under respresented, hearing voices like their own. mavericks, like the wave, these voices and their presence cannot be contained. as in mine.

it is happening slowly.

I choose to spend my time viewing and reading items from people who are mavericks so I choose my media and reading material carefully because there is so much white male crap out there. but the white male crap has been the norm for centuries. some still buy it, but I spend my currency on change and not the past. the past is crumbling.

I am grateful for new models of culture and society devoid of rank and devoid of spouting platitudes while they plunder.

I may not see this in my time, but I am working for it and creating something new, instead of living in the past models of fear and lack.



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