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honor and respect

May 7, 2015

honor and respect, in my mind are 2 different things.

I work in a multicultural world. I  have learned that in the Russian culture, respect is demanded because of age. so the elders call the shots and anyone younger is just flotsam, unless they are in a position of authority.

me, I don’t live in that culture, but when I am there, I do respect.

in my culture,  I respect people who honor me, not out of anything than my being a human. perhaps the culture I grew up in is the same as russia. if it is, I don’t respect the culture because it has not respected or honored me. I am an American. I am deserving of respect and honoring just for my being I think. I have heard otherwise. like I get to respect people who are elders who have been assholes their entire lives not unlike the Russian and other cultures where elders are revered no matter what their behaviors have been.

not calling out Russians, it can be Japanese, Mexican, American,  whatever.

sorry honey, cant do it personally. I get to honor and respect myself before you. yes, before you. and honoring elders, I do, when the people are honorable.

the world is changing. I have changed exponentially. just because people are elders, they may demand respect, but I don’t have to honor, unless I am honored. I makes me mad that internet will not let me post about 10 year old raped by her stepfather in Paraguay, but the catholic church and country says no abortion. so fair and respectful and honorable yes? its totally the opposite. why I am all about honor and respect. because you can read about this in el Salvador, in usa, in Africa, in so many places. not honoring mens decisions about women and rape and their bodies.

false platitudes about honoring and respect are not in my worldview at this time personally. what about you?



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