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who is the sinner?

May 8, 2015

in the news, the pope trying to send out people to “forgive” women “sinners” who have had abortions.

lets look at this. the catholic church from eons has opposed birth control and abortion.

yet the popes historically have had illegitimate children, owned property and had a stake in politics.

so the line of jesus Christ continues according to them?

so bogus.

the Vatican is a money making operation. they have shielded their clergy from rape charges and continue to do so.

who is the sinner?

children are raped on the Vatican watch and some girls. so the girls get to be punished because they were raped and as

children get to have them by rapists fathers?

this is totally out of alignment with any teachings I have ever learned. what I know is that jesus used to hang out with homeless people, criminals, prostitutes and more without judging or sending out people to forgive people

why I am not anymore. I learned in my teens about bogus catholic teachings and double standards.

who is the sinner? not me or any innocents.



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