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give away

May 10, 2015

the principle of giving away services or stuff just because. it is the antithesis of what the world is now.

what I see and have experienced, is the principle of equal energy exchange. what one gives one has to receive back at that given moment in time. given the climate where some people, entities are only takers it is uneven. given the fact that due to gender, race or or class some people generally receive more than others because of the unfair nature of the system.

it has taken me awhile to learn about give away. sure I have given away,  my entire life mostly on a personal level. I gave lots of stuff away that some would sell, I gave away services to people who could not pay, I gave away meals to children in the community who were friends of my children, I gave away time watching other peoples children and more. but I was still attached to the notion that the system was fair, and if I only did do diligence, I would get my due. WRONG.

once I let go of the notion that all was fair, and in this let go of people who believed this notion and others that  were takers, only, I found myself in a new place.

I learned to listen to my intuition instead of what the greater world was saying, I learned to observe the abundance that is all around me at any given moment in time,  I started meeting people who believe in this same principle and I noticed that when I do give away, there is always something coming back to me. lets face it, there is a principle about the vacuum and that when the container is empty,  there will always be something coming to fill the container again.

as I watch my experience regarding give away in this world, I am continually amazed at the fear, lack and grasping of others who still are in the equal exchange mode. nevertheless, I can never go back.

and if your are jesus inclined, just think about how he moved in the world. he was always able to create more. and this I have learned too. he was not into the money game. he was into the sharing game. he also turned over tables of the money maker shakers in the temples and was angry. he was not just a complacent dude.

grateful for learning all the time.



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