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fight or flight

May 15, 2015

the stress response and the so called body reaction to this. stress can be momentary, but it can be deeply influenced by past events, sometimes called trauma.

my posts are influenced by the people I meet, but in this, I learn more about them and about where I am on my journey in this life. today, a friend talking about her experiences. she was speaking to the fight or flight response and being jumpy, feeling on edge at times, feeling nervous and anxious as a result of past trauma. she brought up the subject of fight or flight, but in a new way. in a way that speaks to everyday regular situations and people that can be triggers.

she suggested, from her own research herself, that perhaps fighting the situation or the people involved in everyday, who mostly have no clue to who one is, or if they do they are just ignorant and blurt out inappropriate responses is not helpful to her. she suggested the idea of flight. like one can just say, ok, you don’t get it, never will, so, I am gone. or this situation will never change and so I am gone. in this, it is being in a personal gone in a relationship, because sometimes, in family it is difficult to just say the f word and be gone though, I have done it. it does not mean right or wrong. it is about my personal health.

there is power in this. one does not have to stay in relationships or situations that one feels the stress response as an ongoing thing as in not respected for ones experience.

I can say there are places where, I do have to stay in stress, but, having flight as a choice, I can choose to fly and not be grounded by the idea of having to convince, fix, or make it right. been there, did that.

it was confirmation and I am always grateful for people on my journey who confirm, while on their journey.



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