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public property

May 17, 2015

when one is a woman, ya know. men think you are there for them.

when one is pregnant it is out of line. but men continue to think you are their property. they touch you inappropriately and make comments, just like if you were not pregnant, but being pregnant gives some more gusto.

I have a friends who are. I hated the male touching thing, like you all get to because? like you get to comment on a womans body and even suggest that they are because of their body type and your so “informed”  mind? lmfao  people even suggest that women are pregnant because “they look like they are”. such bullshit.

women are not public property. you don’t get to comment on their body types or their pregnancy.  you don’t get to put a hand on a womans body because you want to or think its fun or want to experience their pregnancy.

men need to learn about off limits and women need to say fuck off.



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