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what i have

May 22, 2015

the theme now, in the skies. what do I have? what do you have?

what I have created is totally awesome. its not about money. its about what I have created so far in this life that will sustain me and mine. I have a lot. and I know I can create much more. it is about connecting with people who are wanting to change things up. like shifting the whole way things work in the world.

I think it starts locally. I think I have to start small, and in this, I can create more. if I continually focus on the bigger in terms of change, I will be like a hamster in a wheel of gook.

I do like the larger picture though, because this is where creation, the ideas tend to look like for me.

I have learned to bring the larger picture, down to my level, where I can actually make a difference.   it is not  being grand, it is applying my larger vision to the smaller picture, as in,  it is in the everyday. this is new for me and I kind of like it. it is totally less stressful than trying to change a dominant paradigm.

one step at a time. baby steps. and I can say there will be a bunch of baby steps,  knowing the babies coming into this world now, among my friends and more.

grateful for all that I do have. because I have ALOT!



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