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what can be?

May 23, 2015

I am a dreamer. I have learned to focus my dreams into my world. I cant take care of everyone.  and I cant help totally bogus, misogynist world of men raping and abusing women, as per the examples of bill cosby, mike Huckabee, bill o’reilly, the dugger guy, the federal judge, mike fuller, all of them, and more, they still in power. and these men are being outed but most of them are continuing their lives like they never did anything wrong and the patriarchy supports this.  they are representative of the past patriarchy hanging on by a thread.most media supports misogyny, lets face it. it is supported locally, where I live. if any of the above mentioned men were  not celebrity, black, latino or another they would have been hauled into jail, no bail.

where are the men speaking out on this?????? men talk about their balls enough, well, where are your balls???

the people who are the above mentioned clowns, will not endure and neither will the patriarchy.because women are speaking out and creating more in the world. the new doc by amy berg about abuse in hollywood, the invisible war film, amy schumer and her feminist humor, wanda sykes and her humor, Marilyn mosby, Loretta lynch, and every day women who I see and know are creating as I am. enough is enough.

I see what can be and what is being created now. the media wants me to believe that the patriarchy and all the false prophets have some kind of control. so bogus.

at least I have a sense of humor and this will be my sword.

the day is coming when…..



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