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letting children be

May 24, 2015

I love babies and children. I love the way they are so expressive. they can dress themselves the way they want, they walk and can talk the way they want, if people let them.

I did not have this opportunity as a child, there were strict boundaries,  but I am totally open to it because babies and children are discovering who they are and in this are relating to the world around them. it is so inspiring to watch and engage with them.

watching mine grow, some put turtle neck shirts on and long pants on a hot day. or they were wearing the same boots everyday, even if it wasn’t raining because they loved them. they would wear the most outrageous outfits and I loved it all because they got to express themselves. they got to be them.

I read to them often, perhaps not the best books, but maybe they were because maybe it helped them discern.

I told them about tv and media being a false thing, but let them choose what to watch within reason. they would watch and tell me about the side effects of medications being in the propaganda on tv.

giving  babies, and, children a voice in their lives is important. its not like total free reign. its like free reign with a grain of salt.

being a child and feeling powerless is not a good thing. being a child and feeling like one is being controlled to be a pattern or a robot is not a good thing.

babies and children need to learn autonomy, but need guidance and nurturing. I hope I did good by mine.

and more generations being born and I hope to let them be who they are and love them for being the expressive beings that they are.

these days, it is a term called free range children. may they all get to be.



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