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the free store as a teacher

May 24, 2015

I love the free store. I love moving stuff from one place to another. I love the people who do this with me too. I love meeting people there. I love the food served.

as we sort the clothes, mostly, the teacher, people do it in different ways. some people fold the clothes and make them in neat piles, knowing that people will come and make it a disorderly pile of clothes.

and then there is the question of gender with regards to clothes. the question of do we need to sort as regards to gender? or do clothes not need to be gender specific?

lol I love the conversations and the sorting and the activist table now because, I heard, people think this is charity? lol

I give and I receive. aint no charity there, from my observation. it is a social justice, activist movement.

moving out of marching on the streets to another kind of social activism. a social activism on a personal level.



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