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May 27, 2015

trying to explain the concept of using morphine for relaxing lungs and promoting ease of breath today for a person with severe shortness of breath, as it branded otherwise for pain, but also used to ease cardiac workload in cases of heart attacks and such. also trying to explain use of atropine branded as eye drops for another use.  I used the analogy of Viagra, initially for the heart symptoms, but that is bygones now, right? we all know the common use now.

I did not use “the better pain chart” analogies, but I plan to. “is your pain needing a bandaid,? are you calling for jesus? or do you feel like you are being mauled by a bear?”

something about analogies in my work makes it more real, not for me but for the people I meet.

ignorance, assumptions, education.. I like it 3 vowel words!



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