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May 27, 2015

I cant wrap my head around the current scheme where men get to take credit for womens ideas and movements.

I guess they think everything is their idea.

like feminism. ryan gosling and others like the new mad max film, where women get to be sheroes.. maybe it is media sensation.

LOL we already are and have been. you don’t need to take credit for giving us our due!

who went to bridge the gap between north and south korea? was it male feminists? NO it was women. who is taking the lead in the #blacklivesmatter? who is taking the lead in follywood rape culture? who is taking the lead in the military to have justice for women?  who is looking at women being advertised with their heads cut off so only their torso is shown? who is taking the lead period in the feminist movement?

mind you, I like men being allies in all of this, but to get credit for just getting on board to a movement(s) that have been happening I cannot abide by.

I know media plays a part but then they play a part in everything and what is said is not always true. mens have controlled this and continue to, while women are picking up speed. I see it locally too. so its not totally media.

I continue to read from women in media, and notice all the women who are stepping up. just cause a few men are, does not mean anything to me. so much media is about men, so much everything in culture is about men. people don’t even realize.

people think what is, is normal and what men say and do is the next best to sliced bread. I am not one of them.

I dare any man or woman to really look at society and culture and make your own decisions about what and who.



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