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religious skeletons on parade

May 29, 2015

since 2012 I have noticed a lot of skeletons coming out from the closet.

actually, it was since superstorm sandy on the east coast.

I don’t know what it was about that time.

maybe the stars in the sky, but it WAS a potent time.

since then, there has been the exposing about global warming, the exposing about police injustice and the injustice of the justice system, the exposing about rapists and sexual abuse, the exposing about false prophets in religion and more.

today the exposing continues with more false prophets and more scandalous behaviors though some still don’t take responsibility, Julian assange  josh dugger and I have spoken of more in past posts.

men particularly are so involved in their work that they don’t even see that that their behavior is scandalous. they are fighting for the mighty good/GOD, so they can do what they want. NOT. and women and children, get to be just servants to be used according to mens.

I see a lot more than I used to. I see the skeletons and the lies.

I like the women who are speaking out in scandalous behavior and language on behalf of women. it is time that women expose the skeletons and maybe actually become them. as in women get to be who they want and say what they want. come on michelle dugger and other women duped by religion. get your game on.

remember that 90% , and this is a rough number from what I have read, of the world is controlled by men in the highest powers of government, media, business, banking, tech and more. many, I think involve the religious element. its a mens religion. I like soraya chemaly’s most recent post may 27 on the huffington post about this, called WHAT EXACTLY DOES ‘ITS A MANS WORLD’ MEAN? ..the religious element left out, but is is an awesome post, I I am in deep regard for her posts.

it is time to  expose the all of the religions that are trying to keep women in place. though I know women buy into it.

long ago I left this sphere and my life has been better for it.

religious skeletons will continue to be exposed I think as well as political and economic.

I got my game on. you want to play?



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