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body practice, not just talking now

June 2, 2015

hahhaahaa. for many years I had one, but it was not just a body practice.  my practice, whatever it was at any given moment in time made me feel strong, flexible and whole as well as allowing my mind etc a break for awhile.

now into week 4 after a 4 year break of the body practice.  yeah, I did some walking and hiking, but totally random.  now I am committed to 2-3 times a week with my body in motion. it feels good. I get to bike, do weights on machines I can control, I get to do yoga and stretching (on my own) all in the same place along with other people who are random and doing their thing. I can feel my core strength, my flexibility returning, but I think they were only sleeping and taking a break.

now, it is way better than past experiences in body practice. it was a kind of social ridiculous thing, be it yoga, dance, pilates, or spinning or whatever though I did do solo biking, running or jogging depending on ones ridiculous definition. I get to do what I know now. I guess its time for me to be in me and acknowledge what I know instead of listening outside. I can create my own body practice in whatever shape or form it looks like, at any given time.





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