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my heart is heavy

June 4, 2015

the loss of a couple of close friends of mine and I feel this. I feel!  grateful I can grieve.

but in this is the story.

one of my friends in the loss, and I were visiting recently before the event. she could not find my place, initially

and was stressed and found some directions from a neighbor some blocks away and a cool drink.

she made it to my house. after some conversation and dinner, it was time to part.

she could not recall where she parked her car. I was ok with it, like it has to be here somewhere.

she mentioned maybe it was stolen. HA I have been down that road before and choose not to.but I cant discount this

thought and emotion. because it can be. she kept saying that I could go . she said this twice, and both times I said, I will not

leave you alone. been there and done that, stepping up.

so we focused on the fact that the car was there, in the neighborhood and we had to find it or it would

show us where it was. soon after, it appeared.

the story is the journey of loss, and sometimes life is about not knowing, feeling lost,  and finding again.

I have heard many and witnessed many. it is everyday,  here’s to deb,  finding the cow and all that journey was. cheers  to the rocky road of life! and tears to the rocky road of life!  and guess what? life looks like this I think!DSCN1655



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