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who knows?

June 8, 2015

some people think they do, about me, about the universe, about the land, about politics, about activism, about other people, about the ways things work, ought to be.

I have definite ideas, that change with time, so I guess they are not really definite, but are momentary. I cant understand how one cannot change an idea, a behavior, a way of being, though I can. I know, I don’t make sense. but I do make sense. I change my ideas with time. stagnation is a death sentence, not just for me, but for anyone.

for politicians, now, stagnation, can be a death sentence. for all buying into the way things work, well, I get it.

it is like the question I heard asked this eve about reform or revolution?

a panel of people and ideas. most, I think saw the value in reformists and revolutionaries. I think it is the balance in any social et al movement. between the two ideas being evolved, there is movement in a loose connection. movement is good, and connection is good too.

i consider myself a revolutionary with a smidgeon of reformist in me. i will not cow tail.

i know people already having a form, forum, outside of what can happen and , i think there needs to be a conversation about expanding the form and the forum and seeing differently.

are you a reformist or a revolutionary? who knows? only you.



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