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community, what does this mean?

June 14, 2015

reading a post on deep green resistance about rape classes in Canada and how they may or may not help women since not addressing the root cause. I have read other articles with the same view. teach women to defend themselves and all will be fine.

mens responses to the articles are defensive, like , not all men rape, I don’t, or nimby, like see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. typical patriarchy response. the old paradigm. and deep green resistance thinks of themselves as progressive.

NOT. this issue is not about women defending themselves against rape, it is about COMMUNITY.

if people cant see that this is about people in community who know people who do, speaking out and saying “NO” don’t do that or going the extra mile and intervening, then they are lost. it is also about being aware of the environment and SEEING what is going on, I know, its all about YOU always for some and dumb about what is going on around .

it is not about women defending themselves against rape or in fact, domestic violence, it is about the community response in defending the community against people who would harm.

until people switch their thinking, nothing is going to change about this. I don’t expect any great change soon, but I will not stand for mens being bystanders in a game where they control a lot of what is happening with regards to violence against women, children and others.

get a grip babies.



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