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June 15, 2015

I have been called on this by some. I do my best. it is my work and my life at large, some who call me on it could do better.

like in LA fashion district sometime ago with my sis. a bunch of warehouses and random people.  a black guy starts walking with us. my sis ignores and walks ahead, lol not rodeo. he talks to me telling me about a cd he has made telling me he is just out of prison. yea, all good, not buying his cd but communicating and acknowledging existence, not scared. just regular

I do this a lot. speak to people on the street. I don’t know them. a former companion used to try and deflect his own insecurities when I talked to  people .  I feel strong in my ability to communicate. just cause some people cant are scared wont deter me. AND I KNOW my strength in this. LISTENING is key  and my Intuition.

FEAR is NOT an option.on the street.

what I fear is capitalist fear mongers and creeps who say one thing and do another.



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