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a mans compassion and maybe reconciling

June 17, 2015

I saw  a man today who has been crying since the last time I met him.  it was about past memories he said at a prior time. now he has more on his plate. he is living with his ex due to his health issues and there are children, not by him. he feels responsible for all despite his health conditions. he was so sad when I saw him last.  and he was crying today. most of it is just life, and children being stupid and his ex being as stubborn as he. but he was distraught.. I just got to witness and call in another who could help. I cannot fix this. so sad. but I can say I have been there, and I did, but it did not really matter, because it was HIS  experience. glad I have some life experience in my belt to witness, not fix and just get him.

I felt his compassion and his reliving his past in terms of his pain. like he said he felt bad for his mother, that he caused her a lot, and in this experience now. he gets it.

as a witness I see a lot. I don’t have to say anything. it is a powerful position. grateful for this



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