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small worlds

June 17, 2015

when one comes from a place of moving every 2 years or so since birth, the world becomes a big place.. I used to hate moving, I had to leave my friends, school and environment, always with the promise of something BETTER. not sure of this in reality but it was the promise according to my dad, who made the living for the family and HE got to say.

fast forward to NOW.  I have moved according to my intuition lately and pastly due to relationship and in agreement with that at the time as in betterment for my babies and us as a whole. no longer in existence.

and so I am here. I have never lived anywhere as long as I have lived HERE, not in a certain space in a small world but in a larger context in a smaller world. like I live in a region I like.

the people I know live in a small world, the people I work with live in a small world. so where am I in the smaller world of  people?  I don’t know, usually nowhere cause they have no reality check on this.. I am finding others who get my larger world but there are not so many because once people settle in a smaller world, their world becomes smaller. and in small worlds minds and ideas become more narrow, I think. it is sad, but I have seen it. I don’t know how people living in small worlds expand their minds or ideas. maybe they do or maybe they don’t. I have no idea. I guess all will unfold with time. so far I have only seen small town, small minds and some small ideas.

I am learning about smaller worlds. but I live large and think larger. grateful for this.

people can live in LA or CHICAGO and still live in a small world.

I want to go beyond boundaries of society in terms of small worlds and larger worlds.

food for my thoughts.



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