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i can close my eyes

June 20, 2015


it is a surprise to me that there is a public space where I can go and close my eyes.

ok some people go to meditation spaces or church or wherever. I have done both as practices… but I am not about sitting still.

I sit a lot in one place much of the time daily in my work.

that I can do a moving meditation, so some would call it, I call it moving in my space.

that I can go to a gym, get on a bike and close my eyes without harassment, unwanted touching or interference

is a relief.

I have tried this in other movement spaces with poor results.

I think there is a dominant culture that thinks they get to interfere in anothers space because they

have learned it. I have had to educate some before. I don’t go to do a movement practice to educate the dominant culture.

I think that there are many not in dominant culture that have experienced a sort of hypervigilence

due to ongoing experiences where their space is not considered their own.

grateful I have found my space in a public  space,  where I can be and close my eyes. because where ever it is  I pay my dollar earning 78 cents on this



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