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who decides their birth and death plans?

June 21, 2015

in my work it is a variance of the birth into life. it is birth into another place.

I believe in having a plan now . I did  not with mine, it was all about the docs. and it seems to be for some now but I know some who are doing It differently. like Sheila kitzinger taught and like so many women I have met who did not do the whole hospital MD you have no choice thing. now on the opposite side of the birthing fence, knowing and advocating for women in birth, but being on the other side of birth/death, I totally get it. the system does not.

people get to have a plan, choices. doctors get to choose what is convenient for them and what they know. and I have learned most don’t know me or you. its about what THEY know and what is convenient for THEM at any given moment in time. sure they have constraints in the system, but that is not peoples problem really but it becomes peoples problem because of system failure… some like this. I don’t. I like the idea of self determination and what is convenient for PEOPLE not the system. but alas it does not work this way according to some, but it can if one goes to that place.

in my life now, knowing what I do, I GET to CHOOSE and I will advocate for those not in the know on this , so they can choose as well. getting  over the system is my goal…and I think it ought to be the docs goal as well.

detriment or good to give up ones choice. you GET to choose…as do I.

the system likes to choose for us, but WE can choose.

uh oh my friend nina warned me about talking about work on my vacation, as my ELDER. whoops…

the last on this.




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