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June 23, 2015


this was a sign at the trailhead of a trail I don’t recall, from years ago. I liked it so much, I clicked a photo.

I went on an adventurous hike recently.  there were physical signs like this, there were landmark signs-like a bench, a waterfall, and there were people signs too.

I entered what I thought was the entrance to the park and drove up the hill, seeing a couple of people traveling down the road as I went forth. I found out what I thought was the entrance was actually not and so I drove down the hill.

upon driving down the hill, I saw the couple of people, who waved their arms, trying to flag me down.  I stopped and turns out they had taken a path mistakenly that they thought would lead them to their vehicle.  they had just completed the hike I was setting out for, but it had taken longer. they hopped into my auto. I have a bumper sticker from a food coop I don’t belong to (I belong to another) but the guy remarked on it and said he worked there. since I was going where they wanted to go, I gave them a lift and then went on. there was no signage to the entrance to the mountain hike, so grateful that the travelers knew this.

my friend and I eventually found a space to park and we were on our way. I typically notice signs, landmarks, terrain, the 4 directions, and sounds when I hike. we talked about how some people choose to hike: some hike without water, some hike with poles, some hike with the goal of getting to the top of the mountain, some are looking for views, some are looking for photos, some are looking for exercise,  and some are looking to socialize with people.  I am sure there are more choices.

along we walked. I can say this hiking friend is sympatico, because we both like to stop and notice what is. we saw wild flowers and remarked on them and all their colors. we saw lots of butterflies. we saw bees. we saw chipmunks. I saw 2 snakes and spotted a rabbit towards the end of our route. we stopped to rest. we stopped to drink water and drink in the views.

when we reached the top, there were no signs. the trail was supposed to be a loop. I have hiked this mountain before but it has been years and the terrain and the signs, or lack there of have changed. so we went one way, and me doubting, went back and looked another path that ended. so we, again went on the only other way possible other than going back the way we came. we walked. we came to a clearing that looked like a viewpoint. it looked like the end of the road. I was thinking, NOW WHAT?  my friend related, later, that perhaps we would have to sleep there, as it was getting late, that they could borrow my fleece as they had none, that we would have to hike back, and holy guacamole who wants to do that!?  we both had our mind flashes.

turns out once we proceeded, we saw a sigh. in seeing this, we went for it!  the signs actually pointed us in a direction we wanted to go. again we proceeded. then we came to a fork with signs, but not the sign we were looking for. because of the lack of clear direction, we had to make a choice. so we made a choice. we went in a direction, again, I thought this was not the place we needed to go.  we saw a bathroom with a handicapped accessible sign and nearly peed our pants laughing, because who go even go here in a wheelchair?  no disrespect intended, but honey, if I can walk and am having a time, how could someone push a wheelchair? I mean really?  we walked a bit longer and were going up hill. this could not be right, I thought and so we both decided to go back and take the other road.

we got back down and the sign said equestrian route, which is what the couple of people I picked up said they had taken mistakenly, but there was no other way, so we went there.

finally after awhile, we saw a sign that said something that meant something to us. it was a fork in the road, but more defined than the last one.  it told us we were going in the direction we wanted to. we followed the trail. by now the sun was getting lower in the sky, but as I remarked, it was the solstice, we knew we would have light for quite awhile this day.

we walked a lot that day. I am grateful for humor along rocky roads, seeing the journey and not just traveling it, water, wind, green, not being oriented to destination, people met along the journey, signs and lack there of, and my life.



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