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July 2, 2015

I hear people doing this, lamenting. like being stuck in the past, saying oh, would of could of should of.  or the lets go back in time school and talk about acquaintance. honey, its not live. I also have been the recipient, of the get over it school in the moment.

I don’t believe either path.

I understand, I have done lamenting  but less so than some I know. lamenting over relationships can happen.

the key to lamenting is not dwelling, but moving on. sometimes one has to dwell for awhile though, because one has never done it before. and if it has been months, years or decades one gets to move through it anyway, even if it takes this long.

I have gotten over the story of getting over something in a nanosecond. its not true just an outside construct.

getting down to my truth.

and really not lamenting or getting over anything now.

just being me at any given moment in time.



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