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happy independence day! thinking contraception

July 4, 2015

whats up with the control game around contraception in the USA and worldwide?

oK, some will say (the collective some)–

well I can get contraception so easy so anyone can

females just get pregnant and have children to get state dollars

if one gives girls contraception, or teaches it, it leads to promiscuity

I don’t know any one who has been raped

abstinence works

men rule aka I don’t care its not my problem

since WE ALL live in rape culture, I say—

it takes 2 to tango–just cause females get pregnant and males don’t–it is not a one way  street..ante up brothers

rape HAPPENS to babies, girls, teens, women. a 10 WIN_20150704_174457year old in south America is pregnant by rape..the harsh reality IS. so why not contraception for girls and teens–at least availability..oh what am I talking about?


honey, if you ever had babies–more than one, you would know that being pregnant and having babies is NOT a money making job. so if you think females have babies to make lots of $$ all I can do is laugh!!!!!

1 in 5 females are raped daily. statistics are kept for some, like whoever wants to it seems. its getting more conversation in the college crowd  and STATS or information on high school/middle school- mostly colleges, military..who have stepped up to say. fumbled responses from so called leadership.

lots of people may have health insurance but coverage affecting contraception  is ruled by that, thought ultimately , it is ruled by scotus, state legislators 80 percent men..-addressing the I don’t care it does not affect me male clause.

abstinence works but is unnatural. so will trees be sited or planting seeds that grow into trees? will they be arrested? will bees and butterflys and flowers be made into shame?  and what ABOUT rape?

sorry you don’t care. it IS your problem! because of the impact on culture and society that YOU help to create (the collective you) and that someday might just come back to bite you

because women are allying as a powerblock- yes, concrete. not going back.

trust me



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