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precious moments

July 30, 2015

well, they all are really, in that

this life is real, not a dress rehearsal,

no redo, unless one believes in that.

and most of the time people never know when their time is up,

for some more than others. due to outside forces, it is a crap shoot.

I have heard different, like, one gets to choose when they leave.  in the violence

of culture, this so called new age concept does not hold weight for me.

but when life gets to winding down, for some,

moments become more precious.

others are more concerned with regime, regimentation.

its like trying to fit a square peg-the former fallacy,

into a round whole=the birthing ring.

and still others,

don’t want to wind down.

they just want to go, on their terms.

its all good to me, cause its all about choice.

a choice discussion at random

with a sympatico elder today.

he was saying how elders, from his perspective, and memory

in japan and korea were revered and honored.

I know there are other cultures where elders are honored

and death is a part of life sad though it may be. defining elders as more than 80.





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