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generational ignorance

August 1, 2015

I am continually astounded daily, by the ignorance of people in this world. my patience is tried continually.

granted, perhaps I have been ignorant, of ignorant people, thinking they can and will change. WRONG

many people just continue to pass on their ignorance for generations and they don’t, I think, even get, that their ideas and behaviors offend, hurt and can destroy persons or groups of people.

just because it has always been does not make it honorable.

I do have some hope. I know people, myself included, who have changed and continue to be open  to new ideas and behaviors and I am soooo grateful!

perhaps, it is best that I surround myself with people who can and want to change. being in this world as an advocate for social  justice and change, I need some comrades, and I have some comrades now.

actions speak louder than words.



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