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the western, perhaps just usa illusion of health

August 8, 2015

I have seen people dying. thousands though not all at once, because I have not

learned being many places at one time. no one is immune. death does not distinguish:

young, old, healthy or as they used to say “infirm”.

people die who have lived in the so called  western “healthy way” which is


eating “healthy” whatever that means

not using drugs-the catch all.

I have seen athletes die of heart disease.

I have seen people who never smoked a cigarette get lung cancer.

lets talk about mental health too.

like the current thinking– people who are sad might be depressed, or people who

are in control of their emotions are “just fine” meanwhile

injustice is abounding so no one ought to feel angry about that.

no one should think about dying because we will all live forever,

I can go on and on.

there is no rhyme or reason  I can see or hear in this

the point for me is

that western health care has a BIZARRE focus.

the illusion is that if one follows

a certain prescription in terms of lifestyle

they will be “healthy” and live longer.

as I have seen this is not the case

life and death as my friend said today

is a crapshoot



there is a part 2 to this

the what can be


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