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August 17, 2015

I studied this at university. geography is not just about terrain or lay of the land.

geography is topography and space , culture, political, economic and structure of communities.

the structure of communities in the space is intriguing as to how it relates to the economic and culture.

once upon a time in the unknown usa, when imperial people settled, they did so in community, but in spacial too.

the church was the center. the next after was the ruling, ministerial, church holders,  business owners. after that the riff raff.

these circles of community continue, but along the line there have been disruptions in other peoples space and community.

to mention people taken to usa as slaves and spacial, culture and economic implications is best left to people who have experienced and who I am grateful for, for educating me.

thanks to indigenous cultures for educating me about culture, space and economy disrupted by the imperial way.

and so the imperial model continues.

but now it looks like in the city I live in as

city hall, police is the center

then central business district-banks, wall street

high end

then students cause of university as well as some section 8,

but the main northwest and pearl is totally like the former described and east side is coming up.

then manufacturing

the next ring is the riff raff- I use this term loosely to encompass all who cannot afford the price of the game–

who used to live more in town east and west

then gentrification dispersed communities and

changed the landscape

I have lived in other cities when they were down and out in the central city

after decades of foofy high living

the riff raff me included lived there.

there is the ongoing circle of high class

this and that vs riff raff

and there is a new model that is inclusive.

what game board are you playing on?

peacephoto (4)


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