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aperture, stigma, nostalgia and living in pleasantville

August 19, 2015

photo (21)I am not nostalgic as are some.  I have memories. to say one is nostalgic is to say

one longs for the past. I want MORE than what has been and is now. I have gone out

of Pleasantville to a new world where anything is possible. why would I want to go back in time?

expectations, I have them, BIG expectations. there is some stigma around having expectations especially

if one is not of the dominant culture ahem, patriarchy. like I should be satisfied just because another says I should.

I expect people to rise to the occasion when presented,  if not this gives me information on how to proceed or not

with a person or group. if I don’t have expectations I will just get what I  always get and this is not acceptable to me

anymore in terms of classicism, narcissism and sexism.

I am grateful for some met, meeting and will meet who get this and me.

living full on and in color



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