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status quo

September 3, 2015

WIN_20150902_202728what does this mean? the existing state or condition per websters. are clouds in a status quo? perhaps at any given moment. they are always changing.

in my daily, I meet the status quo. I don’t always like it because I don’t agree with it. women did not create the status quo. some old white men did and it is perpetuated by gender and by generations.

in being in this I have learned about my voice, my strength – physically, mentally and my presence in this fucked up world that most people think is normal. I doubt the normal of this world and the people who believe in it, yet it is .

what do I do?

I just do what I can to alleviate suffering for myself and contribute to creating something new to switch the status quo- in my stance, language,  dress, voice, words, art and relationships.

do you all like this hot mess of status quo?  its ssssssssoooooooooo easy yes?  for many but not me.



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