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immigration or migration?

September 9, 2015

these words are synonyms. but what do they mean each? according to websters.. immigrating  is migrating for permanent residence and migrating is moving from one country to another. so what gives about the current media sensation?

birds,  butterflies, fish, animals and  plants at times do this. seeds fly in the wind and settle wherever.clouds the moon, sun,  nomads have done this, and according to some history i have read, some whole communities have done this- Muhammad for one. people historically from European continent  migrated or immigrated to india, china, the so called middle east and America.

immigrating and migrating , oh whats the difference? but basically it upsets the balance of power and the status  quo continually. which is  why some don’t like it.

there in lies the precedent. immigrating or migration is natural. some do it for sustenance. others do for imperialism – lets say Britain control of india  or america   for example. or lets say gentrification for example.

so media sensation makes  me think of feudalism. in that time walls were built around castles. and it seems what i read now is like countries acting like feudal states. people are migrating, immigrating because of harsh conditions be they physical, social, or economic. the reports say people being held in detention. reports say some in countries wanting to  build walls.

isn’t there another way?  i think so. i know so. and  i know how to discern.



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