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September 23, 2015

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morphine a powerful one, but if used for what it can help with physically for some people does not dull the senses or make one lethargic.

there are other opiates.

religion. or new agey practices.

I believe religion these days is used as an opiate by some and the addiction is fed by people who think they are opium.

I think now, religion is a tool to propagate large scale businesses with the tools of oppression and power. mind you it may not be intentional, but police shoot people all the time and no religious leaders outside the community say squat. disappointed  and they maybe busy being opium.

there are religious leaders present and  past  like jim jones, warren jeffs, popes, dalai lama, raj neesh aka osho and more who I see  as overlords of an of an antiquated system. out of touch enthralled in the business of power and control. so people bow down and have faith in an overlord. is it their fault addicted? no/yes but maybe.   is there fault in being a false prophet? yes. is there fault in doing damage to people? yes.

I have learned, if a person really has a spiritual calling, I know it. any/most I have met don’t espouse any religion at all. these people just do good, say good, take care of themselves, and are less concerned about money and power.

the mighty old growth trees have power as do flowers just by their presence. they are a part of my religion which is mine, unto me.

go find your own.



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