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roses have thorns

October 13, 2015

photo (28)

I have bit tongue, held my breath  shut my mouth   for far too long

not happening anymore

deal with it

my truth is I was raised with people and learned

not to trust

my life shifted constantly because of peoples choices made

and in that it was difficult to have outside support

and even know what direction was up or down

I was a child I could not choose

I was supposed to be happy regardless of how it

affected me

I was supposed to go with the flow

I tried

children have thoughts and feelings that

can be acknowledged

as an adult I learned how to re-parent


old patterns have shifted

never to return no matter what

snakes shed many skins

and grow new ones

I wonder if it is as uncomfortable for them

as it has been for me?

at least now

I am comfortable in my own skin



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