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why i dont care to travel

November 2, 2015

photo (30)

each day, well many days I do

in a large geographical sphere and meet

some same people I know for now

and new people.

my mind and heart are challenged

to stay open

the scenery can be spectacular

or mundane

but the sky is always different

and I love my home

my sanctuary

I like it

I am not a sight see-er

in the familiar meaning

to me it means going somewhere

for to see some “thing”

an icon, or a mountain

or experience some “thing”

like food or climate

or whatever

I know people who go to countries to

see something

what they don’t see, I think, is the reality

of culture, classism, racism and sexism

these exist everywhere in varying degrees

I can see this from my front porch

not that I don’t travel

mostly I go elsewhere to see someone


to relax

to just be and take in whatever is there

or to learn

I don’t travel to lose myself

when I travel

I AM myself

because I like me



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