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November 8, 2015

Sometimes I learn what is not taught

i have been at a conference

one part was a man speaking

about a lot of things

what really struck me

was he reported while visiting china

as an example cause he traveled alot

and ass umed we all been

where he has

that he just took in what he saw

on the surface

knowing there was more

that he would not delve into

it was like it’s ok to do this

like it’s all about him

the rest of the speakers were

Awesome and respectful

of people plants and cultures

they spoke to and of

my perception is

that to this man it’s just

a grand parade

that he really does not have to engage in

or take responsibility for

in the end I met the same man in an elevator

it was awkward

i made nice  and thanked him for

the conference he organised

he said it was magic

i said well it did swirl around




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